1- Then a voice, almost disappearing in the dark, whispers in your ear:"Darling, fall will inevitably wane; you will blossom where you whithered. 2- And when that voice visited me, after nailing my doors shut, I hum in silence: "Ive found shelter for my orphaned sorrow." 3- I later asked, "but how... Continue Reading →

The Dichotomy of Feelings

Last night I dreamt of myself with an eye that seemed to see a full spectrum rather than an outward vision, I dreamt about the resilient woman I have always dreamt of becoming; myself today. There was a sense of wholeness in this inner vision of myself. My steps underneath the fuchsia bougainvilleas and lemon... Continue Reading →

divine comedy

Most of our miseries arise from the gap between our reality and an envisioned alternate reality. It arises from the non-acceptance of the present; a longing for something, somewhere, some perfect timing. But it never comes. The chase never ends. This gap is where we feel like we failed. The minute you lose awareness of... Continue Reading →

all my choices lead to Life

Dear mama, There is life in the sound of my heels on the quiet streets of London, In the crammed tubes where people are always rushing to go somewhere. There is life in the moon glaring at me from behind the clouds, In the silent nights by the river when music and laughter are blasting... Continue Reading →

Evolution Glitch

You are a slave. A colonized mind. A life-sentenced human and you will be chained until eternity. You will wake up of a dream, into another dream, a slow death, an awakening from death into another, a passenger on a train, speeded, your heart beats faster, it feels like it will finally rebel on your... Continue Reading →


اشتقت الى رائحة الحناء على يديك عندما أقبلها.. وخاتم الفيروز، وقلادتك.. ورائحة عطرك، والعود بين خصل شعرك يترك أثره خلفك في الصباح عندما تستيقظين باكراً لتعدين إفطاري، فأتقفاه بابتسامة، وتستقبلين خطواتي البطيئة المرصعة بالنوم، بأغنية، بابتسامة.. أفلي إذا؟ تعدين القهوة والفطور والشاي بالحبق وجلستنا بين الجهنميات؟ يا الله.. كم أعشقك، يا ملكة فارس.  اشتقت إلى روتين... Continue Reading →

this is for you #4

I told her to surrender. ** I remember that night months ago, my hair tied in a bun, eyes fixed on my laptop, researching more about the masters degree I applied for, looking at photos of the university and students reviews, planning, and planning. Things took an unexpected turn. Since then, life has been planting... Continue Reading →

this is for you #3

My scope of vision contained only a door. The door was very alluring, every time I try to reach its grip, I wake up. That is my recurring dream. *** There is something that my mother mentioned the other day, that her greatest inspiration in designing the interior of her house and choosing the colors... Continue Reading →

this is for you #2

The sand dunes before me seemed endless, I could feel my rapid heartbeats. Every muscle in my body was tensed from this unfamiliar reality. A part of my consciousness was aware of this point in reality, but I did not know whether I was dreaming, or if I had awaken from my life. Was the... Continue Reading →

this is for you #1

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7... My memories are clouded. In this fog of thoughts, I don’t remember if my parents were happy when I first learned how to count. I should cut down caffeine, my doctor said, so I’d hear less of the voices that keep me up at night. 1, 2, 3,... Continue Reading →


It doesn't take much but the temporary absence of subjectivity to understand people. I know I do. I do because I acknowledge the blueprint of our human psyche. I understand them because I am conscious of my emotions, i like to name them, I am not ashamed to name them. And I scale them, so... Continue Reading →

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