White Ocean

She’s swinging her feet on the flaming sand of the beach, contemplating thru the immortal beauty of the ocean as the sun shines upon her face, reflecting on the surface of the ocean like twinkling stars. She feel his scent across the ocean shore and it brings her flashbacks, of when the sand teased her bare foot, while she was holding his hand under the blue skies. Crystal sea cast back against those eyes of his, leaving her breathless. Time wasn’t passing slower for them, they observed the sun’s great and slow fall inside the ocean, leaving the skies for the moon for replacement, to become a witness for such a fascinating night. Their admiration was in the arms of nature as pixie dust was enchanting his halo. His fingers ran thru her hair like cold flames. It’s like the world never knew what made it so delightful.

© 2011 Alia Sultan

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