I swore an oath, to be on a journey of never-ending.

To visit wonderland on my unicorn.

To visit the seven oceans in seven days, as for me it awaits.

To climb the seven skies, in seven days on my crystal ladder.

To reach the end of infinity, starting from the beginning.

In my baggage of that journey, I carry my will, my power, my faith, and significantly broad imagination, which would be my armor when facing any obstacle any human being have ever faced.

I will not bring my circled clocks, for I am on a mission to discover unknown dimensions, neglecting the known.

I will be back with the stars in my pocket, collected while I was counting the galaxies.

I will be back, with diamonds that has never been discovered before. I will be back with symphonies, no ear has ever heard.

I will be back like never before.

© 2011 Alia Sultan

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