Pendulum Clock

Wide stir, her contemplation after a sandy whirlwind with its power reaching the paralyzed sand,

A storm exceptionally bizarre, so forceful, so destructive !

Her brain was charged with so many questions,

Starting with how many inconsiderable years of youth she wasted.

So many of them, “I am an unforgivable sinner!” those words and the mini silent spaces between them quickly forced themselves amongst her questions.

As she anticipated through that dreadful, the very minimum mastery of God, she thought,

“what is more to be seen ? what is life rather than just a dream?

If nature was only a habit, what is extraorordinary ?”

So intimidating, breath-taking reality of nature,

The beyond-sight, beyond-thought power of God.

She realized the very-known-fact, as if for the first time, that she herself is nothing but a microscopic figure equated to his tremendous universe,

Only an insignificant drop in the five oceans.

© 2009 Alia Sultan

2 thoughts on “Pendulum Clock

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  1. السلام عليكم
    لغتي الانجليزيه ضعيفه ولكني احاول ان اقرئك ولو بالترجمه السيئه لانني واثقه انني اتواصل معك بصورة اخرى

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