The Secret of Gliding

He stumbled across a tiny rock, and fell shamefully, like the man who fell from heaven. He thought of all the ways possible to glide back to where he fell from. He visited the favored witches and wizards of the village he accidently became a temporary resident in, who were known to be the miracle-makers. He traveled to the darkest forests to find the rare ingredients requested by the miracle-makers, and tried their magical potions, said all their mystical words, and asked for the help of those vivid yet imaginary creatures. When nothing helped his invisible wings to appear for him to go back to what he has called Home, the feelings every human being tries to bury deep inside surfaced, and he gave up on seeing the gardens of Eden ever again. With each day that passed in the village, was a dagger stab of desperation, something he never felt deeply before. Except for that one day, when he met Hope, who had the magical hands to put the pieces of that desperate man’s puzzle, and the intelligence to recognize the missing piece of it. She exposed her secrets to him, and helped him discover his own tremendous power, without the help of the people he sought, all he needed was himself.  He madly fell in love with her, and she soon became the soft voice in his head that pushed him forward. He then learned his own divinity, his inner divinity, invented the ingredients of his own potion, and levitated to the sky with Hope. It was then when he realized, that the potion of true levitation lied within himself. And the absence of that thought was the rock he stumbled across.

© 2011 Alia Sultan

5 thoughts on “The Secret of Gliding

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  1. Thx for liking my poem XD
    though i thought my poem was kind of not flow-y…
    But more important this short story is great x infinite! XD
    Like all those metaphors

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