Harmonized Conflict

With the harmony of his whispers and her heart beats,

they composed a symphony

Combine the sun and the moon, add the twinkling stars

and let them swim in that explosion.

It is her beauty that forced music into the deaf’s ears,

and sun light into the blinded.

Her eyes have released his sealed lips,

and unlocked the tomb of his frail dreams.

She could hear the screams behind the silence of her charming monster.

She was his excess adrenaline rushing through his veins.

He walked so gracefully as his feet fractured the ground.

He was a cyclone and she was a spring breeze.

She was astonished by her unidentified charming monster,

as he was mesmerized by her velvet touch.

As beautiful as that endless dialogue about the contrast of black and white, they were.

© 2011 Alia Sultan

26 thoughts on “Harmonized Conflict

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  1. I love the last sentence. It just tied everything up together, I always think of poetry as deep and love it so much. Your work is phenomenal.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your piece. Your writing expressions are very creative and detailed. I noticed that the background graphic, at your webpage appears too dark and difficult for my eyes to see, and the test is small. You do not have to change anything for me, but i have to strain my eyes to read your work. I see that you speak an Arabic dialect? Being bilingual is a great advantage in a global world. Unfortunately, being American,we are lazy with learning other languages and becoming fluent. Anyway, from what I can see, your poetry writing is very creative and impressive. Yet, I consider the best writings to be short, simple and brief, such as economy of words. May God always protect you and bless you, where you go.

  3. Thank u so much for ur kind words. Yes, Arabic is my native language. I did not notice the effect of the background colors on the text, so I enlarged the text to make it easier for readers to read, I hope that would also encourage u to read my posts =).

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