My Enchanting Secret Forest

I explored a place like no other; the enchanting secret forest

Where I was promised a crystal drop from heaven for every time I shed a tear

I knew, grotesque creatures will not be seen, howls won’t be heard

Only glittered mystical pixie dust, and soft whispers carried by the breeze

I was certain of forever peacefulness, although it may not be long enough

There wasn’t scent of treason, only a hint of rain in the air

The traces of my feet were numerous, leading me there

I knew I was the only one who sought where it hid

It was like wonderland, where rabbits could speak, and mad men were sane

Flowers were unquestionably larger than myself

The air was so purified, where I could safely inhale

There was a hidden fact in the air, of why things would glow over there

Only under those trees, within the circles of its branches

It was then when I had awaken, from the pleasant never-ending dream

With only a map of where it is, projected in my brain

And a golden key clutched by my hand.

© 2011 Alia Sultan

11 thoughts on “My Enchanting Secret Forest

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  1. Like a beautiful dream, where all we think we know is an illusion and we can finally play. It was enchanting to read about the enchanted forest.

  2. I love this poem a lot. I was reading and saying to myself, I would love to be in this place because it seems so perfect. Then I realised that it was a dream then I was like ‘DAMN’

    Overall I am inspired so much.

  3. thanks for your comment on my blog Poet Whispers. I love the whimsical nature of this – wasn’t sure if it was real or not – and I loved the ending, where the character had a key … promise? Maybe what they saw was more real than they imagined? Very mysterious and magical – Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter all in one hehe … I liked it very much!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! This poem is so wonderful, so beautifully described. Like everyone else reading it, I felt like I was standing there myself!! Cheers.:->

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