Adding New Colors to the Rainbow

He was seated on a radiating star, swinging his feet, examining the distant microscopic Earth. Adish thought of all the remorseful days he spent chasing what was never meant to be his, prolonging quarrels that could have easily been resolved with a compromise. He only wished he had seen through his colleagues; the insecurities behind their constant irritating criticism. He was pondering over the countless times his wife was well-dressed for him after his long meetings, only for him to disappoint her by his indifference towards her efforts. He remembered that day, when he heard his wife complaining about him to her mother on the phone and silently cried, while he noiselessly left the house not be noticed by her, to avoid confrontation.

It was a dagger in his hollow heart, when he remembered his 6 year-old son’s drawing of family he did in school; it was the adorable-looking child, holding his mother’s hand while she had a lovely yellow dress on, and Adish, wearing a black suit leaving home for work, carrying a suitcase. “Never around for him”, he realized, tormented. It took him only few minutes to become aware of his wrongdoings towards his family, and his neglect towards his humanness. He wished for that high level of consciousness while he was on Earth, he analyzed each second in a minute, like an angel’s unprejudiced judgmenet, without being occupied with the big business deals and important meetings set.

“If only…” he whispered to himself with regret, while still examining Earth from distance. If only he expressed his infinite love to his family, if only he could embrace them once again. If only he let go of the minor matters that troubled him, and acknowledged his mortality. If only he had appreciated the delightful colors of nature; the pinkness of flowers, the blueness of sea, the red shades of the horizon, the splendid greenness of all the trees, and the phenomenal color-unifying rainbow. And even incomprehensible contradictions that the water carries; the colorless, tasteless, soundless bliss yet the tool of life, is worthy to be treasured. If only, he admired the taste of food he had in each meal everyday, for he was one of the blessed individuals to have it. With all the Earthly pain, and the Earthly boring routine he faced, he still wished he appreciated it, because the existence of a routine is a bliss. Adish only wished to feel alive again, to sparkle each and every moment. And live, like he only had minutes to. Laugh more, laugh at the cheerful laughs of children, make a stranger smile with only few words, and walk away never knowing his impact on that stranger. “Live..” he thought in regret, “I would live, like I will die the next minute. I would live with death’s nightmare in the back of my head. Live to do anything, before I face that nightmare.

“I would redefine the meaning of life, and create superhuman colors that no eye has seen. I would give life another chance, and replace the ugly painting of it in my head with a wonderful one.” He felt the strangest sense of extreme intelligence, after looking at life from the point of view of a supernatural.

He felt a long human heartbeat-skip while falling greatly, like the man who fell from heaven. He woke up with the scent of his wife, and a sound of an EKG while a small flashlight was pointed on his right eye. He was struggling to open his eyes, to see his wife, full of tears.


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  1. A timely message within … so many people are so “Busy” with their lives, they lose touch with the important details that make life worth living … now given another chance – I hope Adish lives up to his new dream/goal! 🙂

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