“She Floats!” He Said..

“A supernatural!” that was the first thought that crossed my mind while one of my many journeys started. An ego breeze passed by, reminding me of my countless tales that I have to impress my children and grandchildren with. It was soon replaced with a magnetic field that elevated me slowly into the sapphire sky, like an angel trying to carry me in the ideal speed to enjoy my planet’s wonders; not too slow, nor too fast, just the right speed. I tried to maintain balance, to assist what I thought to be the invisible angel on the mission. Everything on the surface of Earth started to appear smaller, looking slightly like a geographical map. I felt an adrenaline rush, while trying to breathe smoothly and realize what was happening to me.

The clouds weren’t so far, maybe because I was gliding faster than I thought I was. They were artistic! I was mistaken, the destination was not the clouds. It was rather unknown yet, for the invisible angel did not stop.

On one of the clouds I saw a child, with fragility displayed in her eyes. A teenage me rested on the cloud beside it, and insecurity personified as a very aged woman on the cloud after them. It seemed like an illustration of something that I did not care to understand at that time.

Above them were sizable clouds, a strange and more difficult puzzle they were to me. On one of the clouds, was a man in a suit, who appeared to be busy, holding a pen and writing on a cardboard that had my picture drawn on it and words of criticism right under my picture. On the other clouds were people, familiar people I would say, who were only filling little space in my human memory.

As I was still enjoying my trip, feeling negative and positive energy colliding invisibly under my feet to carry me through the empty space of Earth, I came across many quarrels that has once upon a time troubled me, and some of my failures in the past portrayed on the upper clouds.

Every time I tried to stop and question the mysterious appearance of them, the positive energy under my feet, unaccompanied by the negative, lifts me up higher. I did not know where I was supposed to end up, but the journey was too delighting, leaving no room for guessing.

I escalated more, with the help of nature, above these clouds until I reached that one cloud that looked different from the rest. It was more beautiful, radiant with a welcoming vibe, and a scent of purity. Its surface was covered with numerous, microscopic crystals. Yes, that was the destination; my throne. I have floated above those who were not a discouragement, but the contrary.

I woke up, feeling unfortunate that my trip was but a dream. My lazy legs led me to the mirror. I smiled, and filled the air of my bedroom with joy, when I saw a few of the microscopic crystals caught in my hair.


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  1. Alia: I like how you intertwine the heavenly with the earthly, while still telling a simple human story, as opposed to something phantasmagoric or religious or moralistic. Your short stories r unique, in a way that they appear to have taken inspiration from both science fiction and fantasy novel, yet they are neither; could that be the result of watching Alice in Wonderland too many times? lol … I wish I can write like you. I envy unique voices. 🙂 … When I read your stories, I feel like am Alice in your Wonderlands! I really mean that though it sounds corny. Thanks for sharing! … Please write more … I know you have school to worry about, but hey … it does not hurt dedicating a couple of hours to explore the unexplored part of our conscious or subconscious mind. 🙂 There is a saying in my country: once you get the tiger by the tail, don’t let it go (you don’t wanna kno what happens when you do lol) … anyway I see writing that way … once you start writing, why stop, and if you do, you lose track … you have to restart all over again. 🙂

    I love this line: “Every time I tried to stop and question the mysterious appearance of them, the positive energy under my feet, unaccompanied by the negative, lifts me up higher. I did not know where I was supposed to end up, but the journey was too delighting, leaving no room for guessing.” … You always take us to the higher ground, in such enjoyable manner. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and keep sharing! 😉


  2. … btw … your stories also remind of Arabian Nights … 🙂 I forgot to respond to your other comment last time, let me say it here, regarding Khalil Gibran, … goodness how I enjoy his writing! … I have his anthology! 😀 … And all of his works are my favorites. … and I think you are heading that direction and I would just say keep on moving! 🙂

    1. I’d love to read the original work of Arabian Nights someday -as you told me before that you do-.
      Such feedback is what would help me go forward, so I thank you again and again.
      I suggest you read the poems of Nizar Qabbani (A lebanese poet). Let me know what you think about them when you do, he is one of my favorite poets.

  3. Your words always delight me Elyas ! I do have a thing for Alice in Wonderland, I watched it many times as a child and recently too, hehe :P.
    There is nothing more encouraging for an aspiring creative writer to read than “I feel like I’m Alice in your Wonderlands!”
    Most of my stories are very imaginative, I’m glad to know that someone shares my interest in that :)! Oh, and I will not let go of the tail ! 😛
    I must say, you are an excellent writer yourself, so you are to be envied by other writers ;).
    Thank you again, I will keep writing hoping to read more of your supportive comments !
    Have a good day/night.

    1. The pleasure is mine, Alia. I enjoy your works, so it is fair to share with you what I feel about them! 🙂 Give n take! … 😀

      “Most of my stories are very imaginative, I’m glad to know that someone shares my interest in that.” … imagination is a powerful thing my friend. This is what one of the most brainy guy in the world once said about it: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” — Einstein, A.

      Not only are your stories imaginative, but magical also. 🙂 … Have you read 100 years of solitude? … it is one of my favorites. And the magical realism that is evident in that work, I can see it in yours too … who knows one day, you will write something as awesome as Gabriel García Márquez’s most loved work of art. Just don’t stop! 🙂

      I will keep checking on ya, since i’ve subscribed, I kno when you’ve posted … i kno am a horrible stalker lol … and thanks for visiting my blog too. I appreciate it a lot!


      1. No, unfortunately I haven’t. But from what you briefly said about it then I must read it. I really hope so ! 🙂 lol it is a pleasure to have you as a stalker ! So keep stalking please :P.

  4. Oh, thanks for recommending Nizar Qabbani! I surely will google him! 🙂 … and will let u kno my encounter! am sure it will be delightful as I’ve enjoyed all the poets who write in Arabic that I have become familiar with. 🙂

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