Food: Always Set on the Table

Every day, after setting the dining table, she would notice minimum portions of certain dishes missing. But that she would ignore, she always had her hands full, too full to worry about the minor things. On Tuesday at around 4 p.m, she cleaned the house, took a hot shower, grabbed a cup of tea from the kitchen and surrendered on the couch to finally relax. The phone was ringing, she muttered a couple of words she would usually sensor in the presence of her children and picked up the phone. During the phone call, she was quite for about two minutes while forming a frown on her face, and repeated “aha” a couple of times, and ended the phone call with “I’ll deal with that”.

She was furious, there was always something to disturb her very few minutes of peace. The school informed her that her soon-to-be a genius son is skipping the extra curricular classes she scheduled for him, piano lessons and intensive English classes. Those were the classes that only children with ambitious parents would be registered in. She was waiting for him to come back home, and yell until he hears the chances he is missing into becoming a diplomat like his father, who is more likely to be in a meeting at that moment.

“He is probably skipping classes to skate with his friends” she thought furiously while expressing her fears silently of him becoming an ordinary person when he grows up, just like her father. No, that was not what she wanted for him! Before panic attacks her motherly concerns, she heard the door. Wisdom immediately ordered her to be calm, not to frighten her son who was probably the one at the door. She delicately expressed her concerns and hid her anger, for him to understand her, and the bright future she has planned for him. She mentioned how she was certain that he does not agree with her plans and thinks of her as an overly criticizing parent, “I know what’s best for you” she said, afraid that her only son would misjudge her and think of her as a bad mother, that would be catastrophic! She continued the conversation, as if talking with someone her own age. Her son, puzzled and a hint of guilty looks in his eyes, “Mom, I have been visiting the homeless residence across the street from my school to give them some of the freshly cooked food we have been blessed to have. My busy schedule does not allow me to do Good, which is why I skip classes sometimes. Grandpa told me that a wise man once said: ‘There are two blessings which many people lose: Health and free time for doing good.”


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  1. This is an amazing motivational piece. Well written my beloved sister!! ❤ May you always be the voice of the people in need of a better life.

  2. Wonderful writing, short but deep! I like the surprise in the end, quite a mature kid character that you have portrayed. 🙂 It is a great reminder for parents that what is best is not always what they plan for their kids, but what their kids plan for themselves—i.e., being masters of their own destiny, to repeat the often quoted phrase. 🙂

  3. This is such a beautiful reminder! Some many parents are worried about academics, they forget to teach their children that being a good person by doing good unto others is equally important. If all the inhabitants of the planet were in books and only concerned with grades, with no one taking care of the other, what kind of earth that would be? Quite scary!

    I really thought your story was going to end in a different way, so I was nicely surprised it ended the way it did. Thanks for sharing!

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