My Enchanting Secret Forest, Poisoned !

I wished for all of my trips to be pleasant and peaceful, as I feel inside my heart. If only I would stop playing havoc with the strings that separate reality from the paranormal world.

I lay down like a commander of my brain, forcing thoughts that would start my journey. In seconds, I was standing before the spectacular gate, only it was rusty and large; too large to have a welcoming vibe. I was jealous and insecure, that I wasn’t alone. It was crowded with humans and strange disturbing creatures, taking over Oxygen. They were not welcoming me nor acknowledging my presence. My heart was compelling me to be brave and explore it all over again, like I haven’t already been an inhabitant of it; my escapade.

New plants have grown since the last time I was here, the ground had plenty of poisonous Urtica. The beautiful greenness of the trees have faded into grey, and kingdoms of spider webs; for there was a human, partly spider roaming around. “He must have created the webs” my mystery was solved. Under one of the agonized trees, stood three women; one gracefully beautiful facing the tree, and two who looked and smelled like corps, standing behind her, whispering to each other, and giggling wickedly. It seemed like a typical scene of how immature girls would react immediately when a beautiful girl passes by. But there stood the girl, facing the tree and smiling, not aware of what they were talking about.

Under the fruity tree of plums, the only tree with green leaves, stood two men, one who looked like a friendly clown, hiding his crimes from children and still managing to keep a smile on his face. He had about twenty plums in a basket, which he grabbed too tightly as if it were to have feet and run away from him, and the other one was picking plums, holding an empty basket. He had a bony body, like a man who hasn’t tasted food for a long while. Every time he picked a plum from the tree, the man with the full basket would take it away from him forcibly. “How greedy!” I thought, while I was looking at his basket full of plums. I took few steps forward, to see a bunch of people surrounding a small piece of land, while one stood in the middle wearing a crown. They were all fighting for the crown he was wearing, while he stood in the middle protecting himself from their attacks, like a powerless child.

Every time I moved forward, my heart would ache. There were starving children on their knees, looking at a dining table full of men in tuxedos and women in glamorous dresses, the children seemed invisible to them. Among the trees of the forest were two aged couple who were struggling to get on their feet, with no one around them to help. Few inches away from me stood a tall man, wearing a bloody white piece of cloth, with ancient skulls surrounding his feet. He was beating up three men and three women, who were physically smaller than him, I assumed he was a tyrant.

I did not want to go further, I was too angry, tearing, feeling as miserable as the ground that carried them. They were too many for me to warn each and every one of them, that their actions are damaging Grace. I started to walk backwards, slightly closing my eyes, I did not want to see more of them, and feel helpless. Why did they stain the beautiful land with Evil? Was the angel on their right side not speaking loud, loud enough for them to hear the pure side of humanity? If only, each acted towards the other like a mirror; reflecting themselves…

I woke up, feeling delighted for the first time, to come back to Earth, which was still Good. “Never again!” I thought, “Never again will I go back.”


One thought on “My Enchanting Secret Forest, Poisoned !

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  1. This is a beautiful imaginative work!! I loved it from the beginning to the end. You have quite a pleasant imaginative mind, dear. Love the partly spider the partly human creature lol … i doubt if i ever would imagine that …

    Finally, the conclusion was strong. These lines in particular were powerful: “I did not want to go further, I was too angry, tearing, feeling as miserable as the ground that carried them. They were too many for me to warn each and every one of them, that their actions are damaging Grace.”

    You have demonstrated here a microcosm of the evilness of the world that we inhabit in such enjoyable manner and I like the fact you ended it with such an optimist tone, that evil was just in your dream or in another world.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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