Fireflies Vs. Humans

“‘Let us dim our light’ the leader commanded his fireflies army. What a bright plan it was, to test if humans’ light would replace theirs. Millions of fireflies united in the sky, and the commander declared that it is timely for his army to exploit their energy for a brighter sky. Their light was too bright, that humans on Earth thought it was a revolution of the exploding stars. The commander got what he was aiming for; their attention. He ordered his army to dim their light, for humans to be in complete darkness. ‘War!’ an Earthly shout. They knew this day would come.

Humans lined up to form an army of Earth’s guardians. They decided that the Arabs would fit in rear, Europeans in the middle, Africans in the front with the Chinese lining between them and the Europeans. ‘Wait!’ A Chinese man screamed before they started to march, protesting that he wanted to switch places with the Africans, as they believed of their highest competence amongst all. An Arab finally spoke after the Chinese, as if he was waiting for someone to protest against the army’s order. He complained, because he did not like the variety of religions in the Arab line, and suggested that the religion with the glorious history must lead the army, and those of a modern history must form a group in the back . The Europeans protested loudly, and suggested that bourgeois should lead the Europeans, and those of middle class and below must stand behind them. Berber tribe of Africa wanted to trade places with Zulu for the forepart. Their protest against their order was prolonged based on illogical reasons, human greed for power was the main. Until fireflies dimmed their light, for darkness to dominate the velvet sky.”

The father explained to his curious son, “That is why unity is impossible.


7 thoughts on “Fireflies Vs. Humans

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  1. WOW! 🙂

    Let me be honest that I wanted it to be looooong! lol … Seriously, Alia you should expand it, I see this as a beautiful epic animation piece that can be as good as or even better than Alice in Wonderland … am already thinking of CGI effects that demonstrate the fireflies commander ordering them to dim their lights 🙂

    Excellent! Keep at it! (and please reconsider this piece, it’s not finished yet! I wanna kno what goes on the fireflies world, maybe they suck out sun’s energy and start colonizing planets that are far from the sun, and take humans there as a punishment for destroying their beautiful planet Earth lol)

    1. That is a good idea, I’ll expand it in the weekend! 🙂 And thank you for your suggestion, it portrays the idea I always serve in my stories, I will add that in its continuation. Hehe you’ll be my editor in the next Fireflies Vs. Humans post 🙂

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