He Desired Her Eyes

It was too early for her first class, so she decided to have a cup of coffee in the Cafe near her school. She smiled to the waitress, waved to the cook whose sandwiches she loved, and had a seat in one of the wooden tables outdoors, nearest to the sea. Delightful it was, that the sun was shining sheepishly from behind the clouds, while the breeze softly carried the sea waves towards the shore. She contemplated through the well-structured Pier, which was deserted at that time hour of the day. She took a sip of her cup of coffee, and relived her childish dream of being a mermaid. What a lovely routine she had, having to admire the sea before going to school. As she was taking her time, drinking her coffee unhurriedly, an old man in a weary black tuxedo and a funny-looking hat, wearing 1960’s black shades, sat on the table beside her.


“Are you fond of the sea?” He suddenly asked. “Very much” she replied, in a friendly tone. After few minutes of silence that would occasionally be interrupted by the sound of sea waves, he asked her why she admired it. “It never disappointments me.” She said, “Whenever I feel lonely, in tears, the sea accompanies me, reflecting its blueness for me, blueness of disturbing mystery and countless miles of Unknown underneath, for me to know that I am not alone. For as many secrets as my heart hides, so does it. When I’m happy, with no one to share my joy with, I am almost certain that joyful sapphire stones float, radiating, filling my heart with joy.” She stopped, realizing that she is sharing her deep thoughts with a complete stranger. “Go on” He said, smiling. “When I’m insecure, it reveals some of its greatest mysteries to me, to comfort me, to grant me power of knowledge.” “I have never had your experience” He said. “But I’d love to hear more”


“The sea is kind enough to reflect the blue skies, to please our eyes. Every day, when the sun shines, the light reflected on the surface of the sea reminds me of luminous diamonds. It is loyal to its admirers; it would never deprive them the beauty of its view, owing to the fact that we lose friends, family members and loved ones, but the sea will always be found in the same place we found it yesterday, and the day before. It teaches the birds how to fly, by just remaining in its place, for the birds to learn how to fly by their fear of drowning. It is the shelter of the sun as it sets. It conceals kingdoms of enigma.” She dwelled on her thoughts, enjoying her own answers of the stranger’s question. As a sibling of many, she is never asked about her opinion. Those little unnoticed details –she believed- are what makes people slightly blinded.


“What do you think about the sea, sir?” She asked, trying to be friendly to the stranger who seemed lonely. “You defined it for me” he said, “I have never seen it”.


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