My Silver Angel

The stars twinkled tenderly

In a cold night in November

As the moon smiled and winked

The day you were born

Because you are the north star of my heart

I am lost without you

Because only you feel the sense in my chaos

I cry without u

I will dim the moonlight tonight

For you

To light the paths of the shepherds through the night

I will borrow the gardens of Eden

For you

And command the stars to twinkle twenty two times

For you tonight

*Wishing the world’s best sister and friend a happy birthday !

© 2011 ALIA Sultan

11 thoughts on “My Silver Angel

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  1. Now I know who was the reason behind all the light in my life, it was indeed you ❤ my lovely little sister. Beautifully written, as warm as that July morning ='), If only you knew that I saw these stars you talk about born in your eyes in that very day. I love you forever and ever.

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