Together they felt a monstrous vibe and danced to the unpleasant song Earth was humming. Peace in their hearts disrupted, Farida could see that clearly. January’s arrival sounded like the footsteps of the insecure criminal looking over his shoulder, intending to commit his annual crime.

She remembered, that on this year the mimes finally unsealed their lips and spoke frightening words to children instead of mimicking, after their forever suspension. They all heard the unpleasant song, danced, but chose silence.

She heard the news, the pharos resurrected as Damascus hid in the dark, tightly holding her white Veil. She heard humanity cries while the pendulum clock was ticking, as she watched the reporters’ disturbing news. Farida was worried, and occupied her thoughts not with the past, nor the future, but the present.

“Social engagements were not necessary, and the mother did not fear for her baby as much” she thought, because they all watched the pendulum clock as it ticked loudly, and slowly. She thought about that deeply while gazing into the wooden pendulum clock too.

They were afraid of time, but chose not to speak. She was afraid, and impatient for this year to finish. She wanted to hold a torch and burn the ground of December before it arrives, to fight the unearthly feeling it may carry. She wanted to fight it, or mislead his steps temporarily until she forces the smiles in the faces of the frightened, and to give January a chance to repent.

She carried the burden of the world on her shoulders, as she was the only one not dancing, alienated from reality, but leered at the pendulum clock. It was ticking so loudly, as she contemplated through her mission.

© 2011 ALIA Sultan

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