The Arabian Knight

In the night, when the darkness allows everyone’s true color to appear, the arabian knight would secretly hide in the corner of his tent and fantasize the ocean magically appearing in the middle of the dry, heartless desert.

Once, when his dream was no longer able to stay in the cage of his mind, but rather break out and materialize, he waited for the quiet night to fall and the stars to shine. He suffered to climb the steep dune, that was few miles away from his tent, giving all human effort to ascend. He looked at the sky, took a deep breath to revive the heart that was slowly dying from the cruel desert, and deeply prayed for rain. The clouds were commanded to unite and pour, so heavily to awaken the zombies of the desert, to respond to the wish of his white, fearless heart.

A pond of pure, crystal-like water was formed, right before the tent of the man who was brave enough to dream of the impossible, the arabian knight.


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