Dear Dreamer

It was one of those days when all I wanted to do was seclude myself from everyone around me. As I did so, I locked my room’s door, dimmed my light to allow my deepest thoughts to project on the walls- the walls that were a prison at some days, and others gates to the sky. I remembered the letter that the person who had the keys to the unknown area of my heart told me to keep safe. I held it between my hands, unfolded it, and read the words carefully:


A circled stardust surrounded me as I thought of you and what you told me you have lost. I know what it is, I remember it. It agonizes me that your cherished gold abandoned you after you have transformed from dawn to dusk to prove a heart that is hardly beaten. And there it is, in the midst of a large black hole, leaving you confused, afraid.

What hurts me is this; the absence of the gold triggered years of buried insecurities and solitude. It is why the tears you shed are a waterfall rather than a drizzle. It is why I understand, you mourn the corpse that surfaced in your mind. And it is what makes you miserable, for the corpse was buried years ago, miles underneath your thoughts.

I hear your tears scarring their way down your cheeks as you cry thousands of miles away from me. I assure you, you are a soldier for maintaining the pieces of yourself together instead of shattering. But I remind you that in what you lost you found yourself, and a visit to the dark side clears the light on the side you were on; for every loss there is gain. And it is but copper, that you have taken for gold.


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  1. I am speechless. Let me tell you, the gold is definitely not lost, it has found its way in your writing. I have never loved something like I do now, this piece. Thank you for giving us the chance to experience this beautiful feeling. ❤

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