Send The Monsters Back Home

Monsters appeared from every corner and broke out of my closet. I ran to the corner and curled like the little girl who resides somewhere inside my heart. There they were, seven of them, their filthy skin slowing down their steps as they approached me. There was a silly-looking white rabbit that was fighting his way through their steps, heading towards me, eye-contacting me sharply with his red eyes. Two little boys appeared, behind the slow monsters who were still making their way to reach me. As I was curling I peaked to get a glimpse of what they look like. They seemed like perfect candidates for the circus, including the sad look they carried in their eyes.

Flashing lights and unusual sounds surrounded the corners of my room as it was carrying all those unearthly creatures. I rested, frightened, confused. A breeze from an unknown source surrounded the room leaving a sense of bitter cold.

I closed the leather-bound book I was holding in my hands. They all went back to where they came from.


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