The Son of Man

Rene Magritte, “The Son of Man”

“He was crazy!” She said. In his room , you would see papers and random things scattered everywhere. His paintings weren’t hanged at 180 degrees; they were somewhat tilted. The paintings that filled the walls of his room were strange, and the strangeness of them reflected in him. He had his own analysis to that particular artwork The Son of Man; the gentleman in the picture is balanced by the apple, and the left hand half concealed reflects the doubt that fills the universe of Man. “Doubt is healthy” he would say, “if his hand was as exposed as the other one, we wouldn’t have been able to relate to the imperfection of the artwork.”

He looked at everything backwards and upside down-everything! And that included his life.

“He looked at his life backwards, starting from death. He had a smile on his face that made him seem immortal, but with actions that embedded minutes swiftly slipping like sand in an hourglass. That is how he enjoyed the minutes of his life, that was his secret.”


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