Suppressed 2

In their bedroom where all the worldly materials seemed to wither away, leaving room for their souls to rest in once and for all. He sat on their bed, reminiscing the times his parents argued on the slightest things, ending it with a laugh, or a hug, or perhaps a slammed door. He smiled, watching the mental movie of memories play quickly in front of his eyes.

She was tender, he was rough, so they harmonised beautifully. He lit the fire of her frosty forests as she froze his flames. “What a shame” he thought, that his children didn’t get to meet their grandmother and only caught up with the last couple of years of their grandfather’s life. He took a deep breath and looked around the room to find a material piece to keep as a reminder of their existence in here, besides the place they inhabited in his heart. He looked into his mother’s journals that mostly contained non-sense, or minor matters describing unimportant events. He found himself sitting in the middle of mountains of dusty leather-bounded journals, holding this one journal that caught his attention, it was carved in fine writing “1951”. He started reading, flipping pages, secretly apologising to his mother for invading her privacy. He was amazed to realize that he is reading the journals of a wild woman, the kind of woman no one would think would end up being the person she was before her death. Until he reached those words she wrote:

Under the raindrops

The ice that contained the hearts melted

The crimson flowers blossomed

All the fears shattered

Leaving room for alluring words to invade


Under the raindrops

And the concealed starry sky

I fell in love with him

Everything was possible

Everyone was infinite

And all the ships in my oceans

Sailed to him

And the compass of my heart

Shook and spinned

Pointing north to him


Under the raindrops

And the cold breeze

He confused me

Like a rippled lake

He contained my waves

And he found me ..


He helplessly grinned, “on the same night” he said to himself. “They fell in love with each other on the same night, not prior, not latter. They fell in love with each other on the same night!”



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