The Universe Within

“Man is a universe within himself”

There are dimensions inside

We will never discover

No matter how long we explore

There is a vast unknown that is noiseless

And drowns us in as quicksand

Suspends us in absolute blankness

Whenever we get lost

It is as dark as a sky clear of stars


There is a constant sun which shines inside

But does not shine forever

And there is a moon which lights our dark

Helps as we walk alone in the labyrinth of thoughts

But has its crescents

We will never acknowledge

How literal our mornings and nights


There are stars which are loyal

As loyal as Polaris

To guide us North whenever we are lost

And there are those which are scheming

Dying on us whenever we need them

Or dimming their lights on our loneliest nights

They are far away but still within us

And we are on a constant immortal journey

To find them

Discover their secrets

Hear their whispers and silence

And hold on to them



And inside our bodies

There is our devoted home

Which wearies as we weary

Struggles as we struggle

Screams as we scream

And laughs as we laugh

There is our devoted home

Deep inside that is cherished as gold

Earth; our hearts



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