Days are Emeralds

“Never underestimate human suffering”, I once heard, “for each of us expresses pain differently”

As I am growing by day, I see that we all suffer differently. I am now listening to the sound of movement, the whispers of silence and the quiet sway of the breeze. I see that the days are like precious emeralds that are not for the keeping, they are inconstant in the possession of humans. The man who held the emeralds of happiness today is tomorrow speaking the words of farewell to it, for it is time to say goodbye. But he does not farewell it quiet intensely, because he is deeply aware that this is not the end.

I am carefully observing everyone, now I notice that some suffer through suffocating themselves with parties, others drown themselves with the papers of work. Some by excessive laughing, especially when unnecessary. And there are those who can never let go of previous suffering, deeply believing that their previous problems created who they are, and without them they are null. I see those who smother themselves with spending, thinking that as much as paid is added to their self-value. There are those who punish their bodies as a form of expression, or keeping absolute silence as if their voices have been stolen. And I came across the ones who choose the classic way-the only way we know; crying.

We all suffer differently. And only the bright of us understands that human communication that is embedded by compassion never fails us.

“Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.” -Buddha



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