The Moon

You are suspended in the desert

You wait for the moon to be full

So all the monsters would hide

And you’d continue your journey safely

With a heart so full of light and power

Of the only companion that is loyal


As it reveals itself naked in the skies

Luminous and radiant in a white gown

You are happy beyond words

You find your map, printed on the moon

You do not care where you head

As long as it watches you from the skies

Just as you start admiring it

It hides, manipulating you

It leaves you confused in the silent desert

Echoing your own thoughts

Wondering, and wondering


When you are soaked in fear and doubt

For days you can hardly count

It’s back, the moon, in the skies

As it sheds crystals of light on your ground

“Here is the way” it whispers

And you will then realize

You are forever lost in the maze

Surrounded with both darkness and light

Anticipating the full moon on your starless nights


And she..She was the moon in his skies




Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons

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