Iram indeed is gone with all its Rose,
And Jamshyd’s Sev’n-ring’d Cup where no one Knows;
But still the Vine her ancient ruby yields,
And still a Garden by the Water blows.

-Omar Khayyam

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  1. When I read Khayyam years ago it threw me into an abyss of depression. It took me years to realize the Sufi and timeless message at the heart of his teaching. How liberating it is, how simple once you let go of all attachment, of all ego-boundedness. And that such simple yet overfull joy can live and be vibrant at a core which mask and crust is a seeming darkness. Khayyam tackles that as no other, playing on the strings of a sick but over-smart intellect.

    Lovely blog you have here, and glad to have stumbled upon it.

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