Unfolded: There was a Pearl

I have drifted from the road of large peony banks
And fallen into an abyss of nonsense geometric shapes
Which the centre was the illustration of my face
In each and every nonsense shape

At the bottom of the abyss was a vast ocean
Unlike any other ocean
Where there was a pearl in the deepest of it
Hiding like sacred secrets
Talking to me in a language
My conscious did not comprehend
But my heart still reacted to idiotically

I have lost my ground and my compass
And cried in all languages the souls speak
My heart broke to pieces that shattered then disappeared
I was alone facing the vast ocean
With the sound of my own cries
As gravity pulled me into the wrong directions

The ship of despair with unleashed double wings elevated me
Above the vast ocean of mysteries
It was then that the pearl’s words were heard:
The stars have fallen from the skies
Into your eyes
And dissolved in your tears,
To create the starriest rivers
And water the oceans that run dry

I realized that the drizzle worshipped the deserts inside
The orchestra’s unearthly instruments were heard in solitude
And the road I sought of large peony banks
Have blossomed somewhere in the midst of my heart


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