Letters to the Moon

My letters might stray on their way

My words might be unheard

Among all those who whisper under the moon

Deeply trusting our committed secret keeper


The stars might already know what I’d say

For they heard it many times before

And many times they’ll hear it again

I am a forever devoted Juliet

To him; the moon, his light

His throne resting bright in the dark

As to me, an earthly inhabitant

He shines alone in the night sky


They will never understand

That when he’s a crescent

I will give him back his light

To complete his magnificent circle

Pleasant to all the different eyes

Like all human beauty combined

Then unfathomably multiplied

Radiating it back on the face of Earth



They will never understand

That I absorb the moonlight

I let it dissolve inside my bloodstream

With the moon’s power and dominance

I smile as I reflect its light in dusky nights



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