Chronicles of Thoughts

The farewells that I say

Those which I am destined

To never do without my will

And the ones that I trace

As a fading mist in a dearly face

Are farewells that I fear the most


There are faces which

I am bound to never cross

Like a magical chapter

Hasty to end

In a book so dull

And unfamiliar faces which

In my life are fated to be

A chapter newly written


On my path I wonder

Did my words ever touch the desperate

As a butterfly’s wings restrict catastrophic hurricanes?

Did my voice ever become

A brush which paints an artwork

In a blind man’s vision

And a secret safely kept

In a warrior’s heart?

Have my honest compliments

Or embracing smiles

Ever had a domino effect

On a decayed corpse

To force a heartbeat

And twinkles in a bloodstream?


Each time the sun fades in its golden horizon

My soul on the ground kneels

In a prayer’s posture

I release the pebbles that confuse my path

I hold on to the small details of me

And the words which may be said

For the first or last time

To those who might keep it

Or those who are redundant of it

And hold on to my questions

That I am intrigued by the journey of answers

Whether I was the question

Or reflected the answers



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