Free Verse # 150 (home)

Rooted in Love

Home ~
Wherever our house will be.
Our house ~
your hand in mine
below whatever canopy.


The sun and moon I plant
Over each of your eyes
And my kiss, in between,
A river flowing
With all the universe’s stars.


Your kiss,
Though cool like the dew of dawn,
Upon my lips burns hot like the sun.


Your love
An endless sea
Billowing between my ribs.


Would that my lips were the rays of sunlight
Bathing your naked body early in the morn.

Would that my eyes were the flow of moonlight
Enveloping you, a vessel in my heart.


My heart be the vessel carrying you
Onto the shore of dawn.


In the dark night of the soul
your face rises like a full moon
washing me naked
of shadow and misery.


Naught compares to the brilliance of your face ~

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