You Are

A complicated puzzle

A circle of questions

With infinite circumference

And incomprehensible answers


An exploding star; you are

A raging soul, a burning sun


In broad daylight, you trace bliss

You chase joy on faces of infants

And beneath wrinkles of ageing faces

You face the horizon, inhale twilight

Then the sky wears its night gown

Blinded we are by your buried sadness

Your tears; a graceful waterfall


Your silent prayers pierce

Through the stillness of breaking dawn

As angels enchant your blood with light

“For when she wakes up”, they say


Somewhere in the depth of your mind

There is an eternal steady stream


You feel the scars on your heart

Getting deeper and fiercer

Yet you carry on with a golden armour

Noiselessly; you kneel to pray


As years pass you by

Faces that promised you a forever

Are coldly turning away


And here we are; observers

We stand far from you

We see the final brilliance

Of a remarkable diamond

Chronically processed


We witness that it blindingly illuminates more

Under the remoulding waters of rainstorms




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