If You Lost Me

I wonder if you lost me

Would you reach out for the distant triple stars to find me?

Would you see my smile on Orion

And remember the stardust that possesses my hair?


Would you trace me like a poet does

to the last autumn leaf falling to write about loss?


Would you welcome the full moon to hear my secrets?

If you did, would you listen all night attentively

And wait for sunrise

to find hints of the color of my blood on the horizon?


Would you remember me as a spring breeze

to your deserted heated heart?


Would you stand alone with arms open

in the vast empty streets

and be the tears of the clouds

the night it rains?


How long would you seek me, and plead for me

to be stillness that calms the storms in you?


I wonder…

When you close your eyes to capture me

How far would Antarctica be?

To meet me in my coldness

How near would Jupiter be?

To discover my energy

I wonder if you lost me

How far would you imagine me to be?



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