A Letter to an Exile

I understand…

I know what it’s like to have a heart that pumps blemished, toxic blood. I know how it feels to hear a hammering sound that is a constant reminder of your ninety nine reasons of misery.

I’ve also inhaled pain, it was concealed inside my veins and often appeared as angry monsters. Those monsters evolved whenever I stumbled, raged and screamed whenever I was in desperate need of silence.

I’ve sensed the darkest skies raining on me with raindrops that soaked my scars while I was unclothed.

I’ve felt pain consume every atom of my being. And some scars materialized in different forms even when I was on my knees with a sigh of relief after conquering the fiercest hurricanes.

I understand, I know …

But there is something about sorrow- absolute sorrow that destroys you to a point where it cancels the rest of your feelings. There is something divine about it; for only after it, absolute peace would blossom.

“There is one reason that is shaped as a platinum statue, it stands still and is never destroyed-no matter what the circumstances are. It is powerful beyond words. They say that it is the father of all worldly power. Through acknowledging its existence, you become the alchemist of sorrow, and your heart transforms into gold.”

I keep her words in my heart.



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