Dawn to Dusk

Here we are

Electrical atmosphere

Heartbeats; pounding loud

Body to body

I feel his every breath

Invading the cells of my body



Under a brightly starry sky, we are

I am diving a hundred miles beneath

Exploring the darkest ocean

But only in him I drown


We spark under the sea waves

Blood burning in flames

The sun sets on our horizon


I want to be the breath of twilight

When darkness consumes him

I want to whisper his name

To still the hurricanes in his waters


There is a universal conspiracy

For our bodies to entwine

I wonder, does he feel it?

There it is;

A shooting star every time we’re one


In the crack of dawn

I hunt his trace

I try to find him, his body

Every inch of his body

I open my eyes

The day is breaking

But he’s miles away from me



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