She Drew a Moon

Wandering around

on a mission;

A journey of questions

that had no answers

I was afraid

of the circle

that had no center

but only an unfixed circumference

As Earth orbited around its axis

It played havoc

With the rhythm of my heart


So I decided to frost …


There were two black crows

with piercing eyes

That possessed my surrounding

She gave me a dove

with the most powerful vibes

As it spread its wings

It transformed my agony

To small vanishing pieces

And it flaps it wings

It does not rest

so the sun would shine in the night


She is that one thunder

that helps me awaken

from the nightmares that

suffocate me when I sing


She is the breeze of spring

That breathes into

the winters of my soul


So I am defrosting now…


She told me that

I was the question

And in my mirror

Portrayed was my answer



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