My story does not begin with “once upon a time”

It starts from the end, the moment of a catastrophic accident

It only took few minutes for the flames to transform into music

A minute before, and a minute after

My goodness; how walls could tumble down in such short time

I was caught in a minute in between

Time stopped, I was afraid, so afraid that I felt undressed

I walked into her room and she was in full bloom

Inhaling, exhaling colors I’ve never seen

She was reading my book, the book in which I scattered bits of my soul

Sprinkled every atom, every drop of ink, leaving the pages glitter

I’ve hidden my secrets between the letters of my story

And she managed to expose me completely, as she was lying on her bed

in her white nightgown, crossing legs in the most graceful sense

And no, it wasn’t my room, the scene was not sexual in any form

It was hers, but the bars were golden, and they were high

She locked me in as she was reading my pages, and she smiled

She flipped my pages at ease, while she was crossing her legs

I’m transparent now, I can never hide when she’s around me

She invaded a hidden area in my mind

My absolute fear and her absolute grace

Clashed …



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