You Are The Light

There is no logic in its nature, so you try to describe it in words. Your feet buried in the sand on the beach, and suddenly the quiet atmosphere turns into a challenge between your light’s gravity and the moon’s, and the waves seem to kneel under your feet, you feel it, so you stand in your place so gracefully that nothing can shake you.

There is an intense magnetic object that beats inside your chest, it attracts all the beautiful things to you that even rocks are transformed into flowers with your touch. I know that because I see the transformation of objects around you.

A single smile, a contagious vibe you have that paints the most glorious artworks in all that surrounds you. You once told me you believe that the smile on his lips was sacred, a wave that carried the burden of your sorrow until it crashed on the shore to break your sorrow into pieces that would vanish between the grains of sand. And you’ve been mimicking his smile ever since. I understand that, which is why I smile whenever I have the chance to, even when I’m not supposed to, because I’d rather be called crazy than dark.

The ground beneath me is shaking in the most astonishing appearance, cracking, revealing luminous creatures that protect me like soldiers do..

And I never want to fill the hole in my logic.



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