3 AM

It’s 3 AM and you stand by your window while your white curtains glow

of the bright moonlight that has become a faithful listener to the secrets you hide

Your thoughts wander half a planet away before launching off to Jupiter

and those who would pass by your window would assume you’re thinking about

a heartless lover

or a wounded brother

But I know it’s not true

And I know that you think of all that was

and all that will be

of everything

except yourself


You are a sailor, weighed down by the weight of the world

And you tell me it’s not heavy

Yet your eyes are still capable of dreaming

Even after your nightly river of tears


You think, and you zone out, beyond human capabilities

And there are your chaotic thoughts

I can hear them exploding in your head


It’s 3 AM and you are not aware

that you are more luminous than ever

You don’t know that the power you gain

after the waterfall of tears on your face

is the wave that carries me to the shore


Whenever I’m drowning



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