Let me fracture this ground

or plant it with peonies

I am still not sure

Whether I want to walk gracefully

or crawl on my knees


Let me find stardust in my confusing collision

or please walk away


I’m seeking my dazed identity

as I stand on the edge of the world

to discover

whether I am the clouds

that water the deserts

or the deafening thunder

which terrifies them

I might be the scent of rain

after the sun comes up

or the shades of rainbow

to the black and white

And I might be so silent

just when you are desperate

for the words I tell you

that are beyond the boundaries of words


You might lose me for a day

when I lose myself

And I’d explode

when I realize you are not a fighter

and disappointed you’d find me

when the flowers you offer

aren’t enchantingly purple

And I might walk away

when you don’t tell me I’m beautiful

through unspoken words

And I might have lied

when I said I prayed for someone like you

But I heard your thoughts in my dream

and I think you said something like

Every time it rains you’d think about me


I reside right here

In spite my infinitesimal being

on a planet concealed in a galaxy

swimming in enigmatic infinity

There’s my heart right here, beating

desiring, listening to cosmic noise

and I have absolute freedom

to collide with my stars


These are the roads I am bound to take

and the skies I am bound to call “home”

The ocean waves whisper my name

when the crescent moon smiles


I’d explode

when I realize you are not a fighter

But I’d still walk my roads

I know wherever I am

is where I belong



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