A Single Sun

The thick line between dreams and reality starts to disappear.

Slowly, gradually.

You’d think you’re losing your mind, and that it’s catastrophic. But you still can’t analyze how your perspective changed. Now everyone notices how you read people more clearly. You wouldn’t understand how he’d start appearing like a sun, in a world that knows but a single sun, even if you drown deep in thoughts. Your thoughts feel like the centre of a galaxy somewhere far away, and they might have gone astray till they reached your head, because everything just seems so new to you.

You’d be surprised, because suddenly everything makes sense.

Everything makes sense; how sometimes you don’t receive as much as you give, and it used to make you sad. At nights you would find ways to blame yourself somehow. But after suffering so much from people you love for different reasons, especially those who never appreciated your existence in their lives, now you understand that some people are just not emotionally capable of giving as you are, and that their journeys differ from yours. It’s clear now that they weren’t capable of being happy for you as you would be happy for them, you understand that, and everything makes sense to you now. We are all different, and some are just behind in the grand race, you can’t expect them to be as fast as you are.

It becomes easier for you to walk away because suddenly you understand the measure of time and how brief your lifespan is, but it doesn’t make you anxious, it just makes you wiser and quicker in making your decisions.

You start to understand that everything falls into place so you choose your battles wisely, because now you know that you shouldn’t waste your time fighting for someone who wouldn’t devote as much fighting for you.

So take a deep breath.

The thick line between dreams and reality starts to disappear, you lose your familiar ground

And it’s not so bad.


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