The Axis

Your words echoed in my head

You said you were going to find me

I did not hear your words

Yet your silhouette sinked in my head

And seeped inside my blood



You said I’d recognize you when I see you

And I’d hear you whisper inside my head when it’s crowded

You’d call my name in my dreams

And i’d hear your voice echoing eternally

Like an ocean wave that never hits the shore


You are in a dimension

where everything is out of the ordinary

everything is magnetic

Everything falls in place when it should

And the moon shines under your pillow

While you breathe in your sleep


Sometimes you choose to be formless

And possess my body

While sometimes

You are here, right in front of me

In grass-green

Yet you’re able to speak to me

From a far away galaxy

Where a part of you resides

As you are quiet here in front of me

But I hear your clearly

While you are unconsciously speaking


Have you crossed cosmic boundaries

To find me

In a world where we are enslaved by time?

Is that why you’d storm

When I tell you it’s too soon ?


You are the 6th sense

The 8th sky

And I am the untold story of yours

Unfolding your unwritten chapters




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