Your Heart

It’s ok to linger in the hallways where the monsters resurrect and the little girl inside you cries.
I know I illuminate your shadows
But, my God, there’s a corner in the depth of your mind that’s dark and haunted

You’re shaking, you’re getting cold feet
because the hallways you’re walking are too silent
so you look back at me and wait for me to say something
but I’m quiet as well, because silence sometimes scares me too
I know why it terrifies you; this is when you doubt whether time ever moved your heart

“It’s okay” I tell you, when your heart reacts insanely
“There’s a hole that might not be filled”
I know how sad it makes you
I know you weep when it’s 4 in the morning
But I know you’re okay, I know you’ll be okay
I know these things don’t matter
Because I know
Your eyes are the most beautiful window to your soul
and this is the story behind your titanium heart



One thought on “Your Heart

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  1. Wow, this is so touching. The feeling in this piece is so clear and beautiful. ❤️ I love it.

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