He said that he was born like that and he doesn’t know why. Some aspects of him are different from others and everything he saw was different, it’s like his eyes are exposed to which we cannot see because he says that his vision is zoomed out of this world and it understood the actual lifespan of his being, which makes him understand what is worth lingering on and what isn’t.
It seems like he looks at everything for the first time. Can you imagine what that’s like, looking at the moon for the first time, or feeling the sky’s vastness in your heart and its stars flaming in your blood every time you glance upwards? Or your heart’s rhythm dancing to the waves every time they crash?

He lived by the rule that no one can fix him so he fixed himself. He was odd, but he wasn’t, and that’s not contradicting because it’s not either black or white, there are greys, there are often greys but they failed to teach us, and he was that.

He’s just one of us, but slightly different.


via: tumblr (unknown source)
via: tumblr (unknown source)

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