A Letter to a Compulsive Thinker

Take a deep breath

And before you exhale

I want you to understand how dangerous it is to be a part of the social illness of compulsive thinking. There’s a battle inside your head that is the past and the future, and the “now” is lost in time, which is why you think time flies. The “now” is something that your mind does not know because it never learned to stop thinking for a while- take a break. I know what it’s like, I understand.

Tell me, what are those voices you hear inside your head before you sleep?

Close your eyes, exhale, take a deep breath. The past does not concern you.

You are perfect and whole

for this minute, for now, because this is all you have now. And in it your soul speaks a language you understand, in it is your whole world.

The future is perfect, it awaits your decisions that will only be made with a clear mind when the voices are quiet and calm, and I want you to remember:

The monsters you fear are not under your bed

they are inside your head





One thought on “A Letter to a Compulsive Thinker

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  1. I read this at just the perfect time. This inspired me so much. I value you, your existence and your writings. ❤️

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