12 a.m – 6 a.m

Every one was busy outside
and every thing was happening
In this hour of darkness in the city

It was drizzling outside
Almost full moon
And they were alone
on a couch
leather boots off
She was in his hoodie

It felt like there’s a pianist in a corner
flowery gardens beneath their feet
And constellations dancing in the ceiling



2 thoughts on “12 a.m – 6 a.m

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  1. رائعة للغاية ..
    أعجبني بساطة الوصف ، الكلمات بسيطة ، السرد رائع ومتماسك ..
    أعجبتني ..

    امممم لكن يا ترى ، أين هذا المكان التي كنتِ جالسةً فيه ؟

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