It doesn’t take much but the temporary absence of subjectivity to understand people. I know I do. I do because I acknowledge the blueprint of our human psyche. I understand them because I am conscious of my emotions, i like to name them, I am not ashamed to name them. And I scale them, so I don’t get lost in them and confuse them with who I am. I acknowledge my feelings, and I remember the blueprint.

We have all experienced the same emotions. Together. Whether named or unnamed, we carry the root of all those emotions. And I recognize that beacon of light whenever a person unravels, that subconscious cry for compassion. And I think to myself “oh, this heart before me must feel this, more or less.” And I recall my own story, only from a different angle. It’s the same story, only each experiences it from different angles.

We all have the same capacity of emotions, only in different percentages.

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