Evolution Glitch


You are a slave. A colonized mind. A life-sentenced human and you will be chained until eternity.
You will wake up of a dream, into another dream, a slow death, an awakening from death into another, a passenger on a train, speeded, your heart beats faster, it feels like it will finally rebel on your ribs and explode; a wild animal escaping.

You know you are chained. You want to be free.
So that train is going to crash. We all know it. We all know the only truth is death; everything else is debatable. Everything.
You are a slave. A colonized mind. A life-sentenced human. Every belief you have is borrowed.
Tell me, what is love without insecurity?
What currency would you chase, if it wasn’t capitalism?
The most valuable thing you own; your attention, is controlled and directed by engineers behind computers who study your insecurities and profit from them.
Your thoughts a product of technology, of movies, advertisements, articles tailored specifically to capture as much of your attention as possible. Your attention is converted into money.
What are your thoughts, really, without those technological stimulants?
What do you stand for?
Who are you, really, behind the persona you created to fit in the mould the society created for you? Are you a product of your culture; a primitive, long-dead man controlling your life, still?
Who are you, really?
You are a slave. A colonized mind. A life-sentenced human. You will be chained until eternity.
Unless you digest that. And really confront the truth of your weakness.
Unless you claim your solitude. Unless being alone, and isolated, does not frighten you.
Unless you channel all your attention into protecting your mind; your kingdom,
You have nowhere else to go.

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