The Dichotomy of Feelings

Last night I dreamt of myself with an eye that seemed to see a full spectrum rather than an outward vision, I dreamt about the resilient woman I have always dreamt of becoming; myself today. There was a sense of wholeness in this inner vision of myself. My steps underneath the fuchsia bougainvilleas and lemon... Continue Reading →

this is for you #3

My scope of vision contained only a door. The door was very alluring, every time I try to reach its grip, I wake up. That is my recurring dream. *** There is something that my mother mentioned the other day, that her greatest inspiration in designing the interior of her house and choosing the colors... Continue Reading →

this is for you #2

The sand dunes before me seemed endless, I could feel my rapid heartbeats. Every muscle in my body was tensed from this unfamiliar reality. A part of my consciousness was aware of this point in reality, but I did not know whether I was dreaming, or if I had awaken from my life. Was the... Continue Reading →

this is for you #1

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7... My memories are clouded. In this fog of thoughts, I don’t remember if my parents were happy when I first learned how to count. I should cut down caffeine, my doctor said, so I’d hear less of the voices that keep me up at night. 1, 2, 3,... Continue Reading →


It doesn't take much but the temporary absence of subjectivity to understand people. I know I do. I do because I acknowledge the blueprint of our human psyche. I understand them because I am conscious of my emotions, i like to name them, I am not ashamed to name them. And I scale them, so... Continue Reading →

The Moon

You are suspended in the desert You wait for the moon to be full So all the monsters would hide And you'd continue your journey safely With a heart so full of light and power Of the only companion that is loyal   As it reveals itself naked in the skies Luminous and radiant in... Continue Reading →


Before the sun sets I will kiss the beautiful things farewell Because as seasons change I know I may not see them tomorrow   I will release the ugly things I held for too long And pray to forget   Before the sun sets I will embrace the air I breathe And hold on to... Continue Reading →


What are you saying ?I cannot hear you over the loud ticking of the clock There are magical minutes that are quick to vanish into thin airThey allow your words to be heardAnd open the gates of the stubborn heartsBe wise, conquer them with a swordAnd fight the vicious minutes that trap your voiceBe quick with timingBe... Continue Reading →

The Waters of the Lake

In the waters of the lake Where the crystals rested I looked at my reflection Framed with my hair falling down towards the lake   In the quiet atmosphere Only I heard noises Hammering screams Of all the signs I refused to see And mystical whispers Reminding me of the exquisite rainbow, "It is bound... Continue Reading →

Your Majesty

Like an earthquake We witnessed Earth in awe Yielding to your grace For the power within Almost fractured gravity And the beauty of your existence Flooded the humble canyons   © 2013 ALIA SULTAN

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