The Grand Presence

“What is it that is so hard for her to understand?” I thought to myself as I was standing right behind her while she was crying in front of her reflection in a long, antique, wooden mirror. She was on her knees, weeping, the way a baby does. It’s like she decided to go back... Continue Reading →


He's in his grave it's Peaceful and silent It's not as scary as theyTold him it would beHe's 77 and he Wonders if her soul is what's making the starsshine as he sheds his tearsHe's 60 and he's Right there beside herGazing into her beautiful Face which seems unmovedBy time to him, she wakes up... Continue Reading →


Before the sun sets I will kiss the beautiful things farewell Because as seasons change I know I may not see them tomorrow   I will release the ugly things I held for too long And pray to forget   Before the sun sets I will embrace the air I breathe And hold on to... Continue Reading →

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