Serendipity Part 1

It was a cold and rainy night when it all started and I was by the window listening to the music composed by the journey of raindrops from the sky to the ground, and I needed a sign of love, not necessarily romantic love but just pure love. That which colors the horizon and watches... Continue Reading →

The Secret Glade

On the path that she was randomly and aimlessly taking down the green hills and in between the blue and white hyacinths there was a river. She stood there in the middle of the glade which was located somewhere she was not familiar with, her eyes tried to encompass everything as she gasped; the kind... Continue Reading →

Passionate People

I'm interested in sunsets and road trips and people who don't settle for the ordinary and those who believe in myths and magic I'm interested in the ocean not the shore and late-night phone calls discussing life and death and everything in between I'm interested in conversations that discuss the characters in books in such a... Continue Reading →


What are you saying ?I cannot hear you over the loud ticking of the clock There are magical minutes that are quick to vanish into thin airThey allow your words to be heardAnd open the gates of the stubborn heartsBe wise, conquer them with a swordAnd fight the vicious minutes that trap your voiceBe quick with timingBe... Continue Reading →

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