"I must say a word about fear. It is life's only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life. It is a clever, treacherous adversary, how well I know. It has no decency, respects no law or convention, shows no mercy. It goes for your weakest spot, which it finds with unnerving ease. It begins in... Continue Reading →

You are a horse running alone and he tries to tame you compares you to an impossible highway to a burning house says you are blinding him that he could never leave you forget you want anything but you you dizzy him, you are unbearable every woman before or after you is doused in your... Continue Reading →

Stars in Vienna

They say that Vienna's sky is brighter at night Because the daily birth and death of stars are seen only in its hours of darkness I know that this is why you contain them in your arms Because only you loved the stars enough to see glory in their explosions and births   She saw... Continue Reading →

You Are The Light

There is no logic in its nature, so you try to describe it in words. Your feet buried in the sand on the beach, and suddenly the quiet atmosphere turns into a challenge between your light’s gravity and the moon’s, and the waves seem to kneel under your feet, you feel it, so you stand... Continue Reading →

Mermaid in Sea 2

If I were to escape reality And hide within the pages of a fairytale I would be a mermaid in the atlantic ocean And in your diving journey Thousands of feet underneath You would find me Surrounded with mountains of pearls   You would be speechless of underwater secrets Admire the mountains of gold around... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse

"When the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, strange fascination takes root in the heart. And suddenly, anything is possible. Its power is undeniable; its beauty mesmerizing; its lure biblical; its meaning unknowable. And as quickly as it comes, it disappears, leaving us to dwell on our own insignificance, in the face of... Continue Reading →

The Naked Mermaid

Found on the beach Circled with stardust And a spark in her blood radiating from her eyes   They gathered around her The naked mermaid In silence and awe Hands on mouths, "Where did she come from?" Whispering "The lost city of Atlantis, perhaps"   With golden eyes, she blinked To all the men and... Continue Reading →

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