It was 4:30 in the morning, and things like that always happen in 4:30 in the morning. It was one of the many nights that she felt like an alien in her body because somewhere beneath her skin, the only home she knew was him. At nights, she would get tired of the mask she’s... Continue Reading →

The Secret Glade

On the path that she was randomly and aimlessly taking down the green hills and in between the blue and white hyacinths there was a river. She stood there in the middle of the glade which was located somewhere she was not familiar with, her eyes tried to encompass everything as she gasped; the kind... Continue Reading →


He sat on his vast porch, looking elegant as the man he has always been. He’d wear his navy blue hat and tuxedo in the most inappropriate places, this is why his face was distinguished among people. He always seemed like he’s going to meet his lover in his beautifully black fabric that would softly... Continue Reading →

I Tamed

It was a drizzly twilight, in a forest where the only thing that looked like skyscrapers were the magnanimous trees. It was far, and beyond those who are not familiar with the treasures that hide in the present. There was a hill that seemed to me like it carried the wisdom of an old man.... Continue Reading →

Mermaid in Sea 2

If I were to escape reality And hide within the pages of a fairytale I would be a mermaid in the atlantic ocean And in your diving journey Thousands of feet underneath You would find me Surrounded with mountains of pearls   You would be speechless of underwater secrets Admire the mountains of gold around... Continue Reading →

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